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we offer the following law services:

  • Civil and commercial law (including labor law )
  • Real estate, apartments, commercial premises
  • Corporate Law ( transfers of shares / corporate matters)
  • Insolvency, liquidation  
  • Contracts for buildings, (and various other types of contracts)
  • securities
  • lawsuits
  • attorney escrow
  • Divorce, community property  
  • Co-ownership  
  • Successions (wills, inheritance disputes )

Office Address:

Žacléřská 1040/1, 197 00 Prague 9 – Kbely, Czech Republic


(+420) 286 580 226


50.1317919N, 14.5506433E

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Office hours:

Mo - Fr: 7:30am - 6pm

Note: We can also meet up with our clients outside our normal office hours.
If necessary and for your convenience, we can visit you at your office or at your home address.

Do not hesitate to contact us and schedule your appointment.


Professional Law Services

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JUDr. Robert HOŠŤÁLEK, lawyer

Mob. tel.: (+420) 724 375 755
Email: hostalek@akhostalek.cz
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Mgr. Petra SEITLOVÁ, trainee solicitor

Mob. tel.: (+420) 773 206 432
E-mail: seitlova@akhostalek.cz
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Mgr. Tomáš FRIEDEL, trainee solicitor (currently abroad)

Mob. tel.: (+420) 739 043 055
Email: friedel@akhostalek.cz


Our Location

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JUDr. Robert Hošťálek, office